Oct. 1st, 2016

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Hello, dearest author! I'm so very excited that you're going to write a thing for me-- let me put your mind at ease by saying that I'm going to love whatever you write me, period, end of story. I want you to enjoy the experience of writing, and I'm going to be thrilled just to be getting an awesome fic, so if you have an idea in mind for the fic of your heart and it doesn't perfectly match my desires (with the obvious exception of my hard and fast DNWs, of course), please go with what your heart tells you, and we'll both have a fantastic Yuletide! ♥

Here are the primary things I always really want out of Yuletide: character- rather than plot-driven stories (I do love me a good involved fic, but my faves tend to be stories that follow an emotional arc or a relationship development rather than characters dealing with an external conflict or a really intricate plot) with happy or at least hopeful endings (I'm fine with a more bittersweet light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel type ambiguity, but would really prefer more overt happiness, and I really and truly do not want any serious or lasting tragedy involved) and without issues beyond those explored in canon (e.g., racism, homophobia, character death, serious assault/injury, etc. etc. "Beyond those explored in canon" = for example, a lot of characters in the Bridgerton books deal with awful childhoods or some kind of tragic event or anxiety/PTSD/etc. -- definitely don't feel the need to shy away from those issues, but please don't give them new ones! Homophobia is especially a huge DNW for me in Yuletide, and I'll address that specifically in canons where I feel it may come up).

In general, things I love in fic: banter, UST/pining/slow burn, first kisses/makeouts that don't immediately lead to sex (either by design or by accidental interruption), people being really really dumb about their feelings and taking ages to get their shit together, little nods to canon that will make me kick my feet in glee, really ridiculous tropey gross romance-novel/rom-com scenarios, people being very competent at what they do (and other people, ahem, enjoying it), found families, cute animals, and my favorite characters/people BEING HAPPY.

Things I don't love: misogyny in m/m relationships, misogynistic dirty talk, noncon/dubcon, A/B/O, excessive jealousy/possessiveness, first- or second-person POV, heavy kink (e.g., minor elements of D/s or bondage would be okay, things like daddy kink less so), and although I mentioned my love of gross romantic tropes above, I genuinely do not enjoy the miscommunication trope-- which is to say, I'm totally cool with characters who are terrible at talking about their feelings continuing to be terrible at doing so, but if the conflict could have been resolved with a single, simple, not-difficult-to-utter statement of clarification, rest assured I am gently beating my head against the wall at the entire thing.

I'm fine with any rating (and will specify preferences with each fandom!), but would prefer no PWPs; if you'd like to do a crossover with a fandom with which I'm familiar (you can find a more-or-less full list of them here), I would love that! I do generally adore AUs, and again will specify preferences in each fandom's section. And finally, I have a huge needle phobia and would strongly prefer no mention of them at all, but if it does come up, please please please keep it brief and be sure to warn for me; thank you in advance. ♥

More references: my past three Yuletide letters (in reverse chronological order); my trope sorting meme; my kink sorting meme (uh, NSFW text, obviously); my AO3; my liveblog Twitter (which probably won't do you much good, but if you enjoy people yelling about media-induced emotions it might entertain you!). My Tumblr is linked above with my fandom list, but I haven't used it regularly in probably over a year by now, so it's slightly outdated! Apologies for my total lack of regular public fannish presence. >_>

And now that we've reviewed the generalities, dearest author, LET'S TALK FANDOMS.

Bridgerton Series - Julia Quinn )

Little Mix (Band) )

Tennis RPF )

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