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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello, dearest author! I'm so very excited that you're going to write a thing for me-- let me put your mind at ease by saying that I'm going to love whatever you write me, period, end of story. I want you to enjoy the experience of writing, and I'm going to be thrilled just to be getting an awesome fic, so if you have an idea in mind for the fic of your heart and it doesn't perfectly match my desires (with the obvious exception of my hard and fast DNWs, of course), please go with what your heart tells you, and we'll both have a fantastic Yuletide! ♥

Here are the primary things I always really want out of Yuletide: character- rather than plot-driven stories (I do love me a good involved fic, but my faves tend to be stories that follow an emotional arc or a relationship development rather than characters dealing with an external conflict or a really intricate plot) with happy or at least hopeful endings (I'm fine with a more bittersweet light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel type ambiguity, but would really prefer more overt happiness, and I really and truly do not want any serious or lasting tragedy involved) and without issues beyond those explored in canon (e.g., racism, homophobia, character death, serious assault/injury, etc. etc. "Beyond those explored in canon" = for example, a lot of characters in the Bridgerton books deal with awful childhoods or some kind of tragic event or anxiety/PTSD/etc. -- definitely don't feel the need to shy away from those issues, but please don't give them new ones! Homophobia is especially a huge DNW for me in Yuletide, and I'll address that specifically in canons where I feel it may come up).

In general, things I love in fic: banter, UST/pining/slow burn, first kisses/makeouts that don't immediately lead to sex (either by design or by accidental interruption), people being really really dumb about their feelings and taking ages to get their shit together, little nods to canon that will make me kick my feet in glee, really ridiculous tropey gross romance-novel/rom-com scenarios, people being very competent at what they do (and other people, ahem, enjoying it), found families, cute animals, and my favorite characters/people BEING HAPPY.

Things I don't love: misogyny in m/m relationships, misogynistic dirty talk, noncon/dubcon, A/B/O, excessive jealousy/possessiveness, first- or second-person POV, heavy kink (e.g., minor elements of D/s or bondage would be okay, things like daddy kink less so), and although I mentioned my love of gross romantic tropes above, I genuinely do not enjoy the miscommunication trope-- which is to say, I'm totally cool with characters who are terrible at talking about their feelings continuing to be terrible at doing so, but if the conflict could have been resolved with a single, simple, not-difficult-to-utter statement of clarification, rest assured I am gently beating my head against the wall at the entire thing.

I'm fine with any rating (and will specify preferences with each fandom!), but would prefer no PWPs; if you'd like to do a crossover with a fandom with which I'm familiar (you can find a more-or-less full list of them here), I would love that! I do generally adore AUs, and again will specify preferences in each fandom's section. And finally, I have a huge needle phobia and would strongly prefer no mention of them at all, but if it does come up, please please please keep it brief and be sure to warn for me; thank you in advance. ♥

More references: my past three Yuletide letters (in reverse chronological order); my trope sorting meme; my kink sorting meme (uh, NSFW text, obviously); my AO3; my liveblog Twitter (which probably won't do you much good, but if you enjoy people yelling about media-induced emotions it might entertain you!). My Tumblr is linked above with my fandom list, but I haven't used it regularly in probably over a year by now, so it's slightly outdated! Apologies for my total lack of regular public fannish presence. >_>

And now that we've reviewed the generalities, dearest author, LET'S TALK FANDOMS.

Bridgerton Series - Julia Quinn
• Any
I would genuinely love anything from this series, but I would most love to see any sort of modern AU (how do these very Regency-specific scenarios even work in modern times? what jobs would everyone have?) or a rule 63, which would also change up canon quite a bit. (Or both!) If neither grabs you, pretty much any kind of missing scene, canon divergence, or post-canon (second epilogues included!) would also be wonderful.

This is one of the ultimate fandoms of my heart, and getting to write for it the past two Yuletides has been SUCH a treat (er, pun not intended). When I first started reading romance novels, they were primarily of the completely ridiculous kind--the bodice-rippers, the grossly stereotyped, the "uh... this... isn't consensual??" variety, and as such, they were a really guilty pleasure. The Bridgerton books weren't the first funny, engaging, actually good ones I read, but they were the best of the bunch, and I quickly fell for them hard. Now I advocate hard for romance novels as literature, have multiple favorite authors, and have read absolutely everything of JQ's because I adore her, and it's all because of the Bridgertons.

Like I said, I've written Bridgerton fic before (including a 30k next-generation novella... I am completely ridiculous), but for some reason, requesting it hadn't occurred to me until I was thinking about fandoms for this year. So if this is what we match on, I would honestly love anything you write me, because I LOVE ALL OF THEM. ALL OF THEM SO VERY MUCH.

(Speaking of which, you may have noticed I didn't request any characters here, and it's in part because I do genuinely love them all, but also because I couldn't possibly narrow it down to ONLY FOUR. I'd love it if you included as many of them as possible [including Gregory and Lucy!], but I'd also be fine with focus on any of the couples, any family interactions, or any significant-other friendships. [For reference, my favorite Bridgerton is Hyacinth and my favorite couple is Anthony/Kate, but really, no possible focus could be a bad one here.] And despite the "any," I really would prefer fic to revolve around at least one relationship/interaction rather than just one single character, but if something grabs you, you do you, author!)

I've got two main things I'd really like to see for this fandom. The first is a modern AU; I've written and read college AUs for this fandom before, so while I'd be totally fine with one of those, I'd rather see a less structured adult one. I'm so, so curious about what sort of jobs all of them would have! And how all of the very historical-specific scenarios might play out in a modern equivalent! Honestly, go wild on this one-- are they all celebrities? Olympic athletes? Respected professionals at the top of their respective fields? STILL British aristocracy of some kind?? WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES, I'D READ IT ALL.

The other thing I'd love to see is rule 63-- how would things be different if we got canon scenarios, but with gender reversals? SO MUCH would work differently (Simon's relationship with his dad! Sophie's bastard status! Francesca's widowhood!), and it would totally upend the plots in super interesting ways. Even the Bridgerton dynamic itself (three daughters before they got an heir?? How much different would Daphne be as the viscount and Anthony be as the eldest daughter?) would be completely on its head, and I'm so intrigued by how it would go down. You can feel free to combine these two prompts (though the real upheaval with the rule 63 would be in the canon timeline), and/or queer things up a little; I don't think there's any fic for the fandom that has any but the established couples as-is, and I would definitely be interested in seeing either one of said couples turned into an m/m or f/f one, OR some non-canon slash (Anthony/Simon?? Penelope/Eloise??).

If neither of these grabs you, honestly, like I said, absolutely anything is fair game-- I welcome any rating and any scenario. Give me a Bridgerton childhood snippet, an Edmund-lives AU, a missing scene from one of the books, some bonding between the significant others, some sort of simple canon-divergence AU, something from post-canon or a second epilogue, even something next-gen. You truly cannot go wrong for me here.

Little Mix (Band)
• Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson
What I would most love to see is an AU set in any of their music videos, since they have such rich stories-- failing that, pretty much any kind of AU would be awesome. I'd prefer something shippy (ideally OT3/4 with Perrie, but any pairings work!), but gen that focuses on their friendship would also be lovely.

(Note: Perrie isn't in the tag set due to being tagged in over 1k works [dammit, Zayn!], but I am hoping that if you offered this fandom, you would feel comfortable writing all four of the ladies and not actually everyone-but-Perrie. As such, I'm going to write these prompts as if they involve everyone in the band, not just the three here-- but since ODAO, of course, if you do just include the three mentioned here without Perrie, I would completely understand!)

As I assume many did, I initially came to Little Mix through One Direction, but I stayed for their awesome music, beautiful faces, and adorable selves. I completely love each of them individually, and I love them together-- they're talented, gorgeous, smart, delightful in pretty much every way. No band has ever seemed, to me, to be more of a personification of sunshine and positivity. I smile just thinking about them!

Now, the truth is... much as I love these ladies, I don't actually know that much about them. I don't tend to RPF in really immersive ways; I'll watch interviews when I stumble across them and have time to pay attention, but for the most part I tend to be pretty casual about my involvement. So this means two things: one, that you can pretty much go with characterization and shipping however your heart desires, and know that I won't be judgey about it in the least, and two, that I would actually prefer AU to canon, given that I don't know much apart from basic personalities and life facts, so I'd rather see a new scenario built for these ladies than the existing one I'm not super familiar with! (Though, of course, if a canon prompt grabs you, please go for it; I'm sure I'll still enjoy!)

The type of AUs I'd like most are from their music videos, which are always SO much fun, especially the more recent ones. So give me the witches from Black Magic, or the John Tucker Must Die-esque Love Me Like You, or the teen drama of Hair, or even some dystopian guerrilla army from Salute! Pretty much anything that lends itself to a story (and if you wanted to combine any of the first three into a coherent narrative, I would SUPER love that). If none of those work for you, I don't think there's a bad AU option here-- college, high school, coffee shop, office, superhero, high fantasy, urban fantasy, royalty, space, etc. etc., honestly I'm down for whatever strikes your fancy!

The other thing I'd especially love to see here is OT4(/3), or some combination of poly, because I have no shipping preferences and the more love the better-- but I totally get if that's not your jam, and am happy with pretty much whatever pairings, and whatever rating with them! Gen is also fine, as long as there is still plenty of emphasis on the love between all the ladies, because one of the things I love most about them is how much they care about one another, and that's what I'd most love to see.

Tennis RPF
• Novak Djokovic
I love Novak Djokovic more than I love most things, so I really just want to read about him. Give me gen, give me canon relationship fic with him and Jelena and baby Stefan, give me him with Nadal or Murray or Federer or Del Potro or-- anyone, really! Legitimately pretty much anything as long as it's positive and Nole-centric, I want it. ANYTHING AT ALL.

This is my annual request, so as I've done in years past, I'll do a quick summary and link to my prior three letters for more detailed prompts/ideas!

To sum up: Novak Djokovic is an incredibly important public figure to me personally, and I love him and I want him to be happy, and I want to read fic about him being happy forever, so I would love something fluffy, or something introspective, or something heavy but with a happy and neat resolution. I'm fine with either gen or something shippy-- Murray or Nadal are usually my faves, but I'm fine with literally anyone, and this year would especially be thrilled by something with Del Potro after that INCREDIBLE Olympics match, !!! I also adore Jelena and am fine with canon for them (though if she's not involved, I'd prefer them having always been just friends than them breaking up/her being a beard or whatever). I'm also delighted with any inclusion of Stefan!

Any rating would work here; canon would be preferred, but I welcome any and all AUs. Please, please no homophobia, internalized or otherwise. I am yet again totally fine with being my own Serbpicker. I DON'T EVEN CARE.

American Bromance (Short Film)
• Justin, Zack, Ryan
MAKE IT GAY, FRIEND. Give me the story of this trailer, but make it explicitly about Justin and Zack falling in love for realskies. Whether it's a straight-up romcom or also a coming-out narrative for one or both of them, whether Ryan is an ex or just the as-is douchey former BFF, however it may strike your fancy, as long as there's a happy gay ending.

This is my very first five-minute fandom, how exciting!! So if we matched on something else and you're running low on ideas, here's the fandom in question; it's barely three minutes long and SFW and will PROBABLY give you emotions, fair warning! I've wanted to request it for Yuletide ever since I first saw it five months ago, AND NOW MY TIME HAS COME.

So first things first: if you can watch this and don't just immediately want it to be gay af, I feel like we are very different and (tragically) probably incompatible people. Because, well, it is CLEARLY set up to be SO VERY, VERY GAY, and I need it to be an actual romcom!! I'd be happy with pretty much any variety of Justin/Zack fluff, but what I really want is the story the trailer is telling, aka their getting together.

There are definitely lots of options as to how you can take this, and I'm fine with all of them. Maybe all three of them are openly gay/queer and Ryan is Justin's ex who wants to start things up again; maybe he's a friend who wants to date him, or maybe he's just a friend with terrible boundaries. Maybe Zack's gay and felt the need to bolt when Feelings Happen because he thinks Justin's straight; maybe Justin's gay and Zack didn't realize he was having Feelings until Ryan showed up (again, either in an ex or friend capacity!) and it confused him. Maybe neither of them had ever had feelings for another dude before and are VERY CONFUSED by the whole situation and terrible at expressing themselves !!! Honestly, the romcom possibilities are absolutely endless here. (I will add that if you include a coming-out storyline of some sort, I'd like to reiterate my no-homophobia-internalized-or-otherwise wishes; they can be concerned about what'll happen, but I'd really prefer it if they didn't face any negative consequences and everyone in their lives was supportive and cool about it.)

(Regarding Ryan, I'm interested in him staying the way he is in the trailer--a pretentious dude who seems to be somewhat possessive/douchey. I don't want him to be actively evil or abusive or anything, but I also do want him to have a sort of antagonistic role? Maybe later he apologizes and redeems himself and they all become friends, but I definitely don't want him either 100% terrible or 100% perfect.) (Also, I didn't request Justin's Auntie because I'm primarily interested in the romantic plotline, but omg please do feel free to prominently feature her, she is fantastic.)

I'm fine with any rating, and because the canon plot is so great, I'd prefer it if you stuck to that-- but if the AU bug bites, I'd be intrigued to see where it took you! And if none of this strikes your fancy prompt-wise... well, lead me to the depths of your imagination, dear author, let's see what you've got there.

Galavant (TV)
• Galavant, Isabella
I think these two deserve some peace and quiet post-canon-- but if anyone is going to run into issues with settling down and setting up their household, it's our valiant heroes. Give me their slightly more domestic adventures, be it picking out a home or negotiating their number of kids or figuring out the whole sex thing.

I would also definitely enjoy some ridiculous S2 missing scenes with minor characters (Tad Cooper POV! Chef and Gwynne's adventures! Sid trying to gather an army!) or some post-S2 stuff tonally similar to the show (what if the DEL is a totally unexpected random character we've already met??). Very flexible on what would make me happy here!

Galavant was one of those shows I knew from the start I would love-- I watched the first two episodes as they aired, but life interfering meant I didn't catch up until Netflix gloriously brought the whole thing to us. AND GOD, IT'S SO GOOD. Exactly the sort of ridiculous entertainment fans of both musicals and fantasy enjoy, completely hilarious, endlessly catchy, and so delightfully weird. I binged it twice in a row and even thinking about how much I love it is making me want to go for #3!

I loved absolutely all of the characters, honestly, but Galavant and Isabella stuck out most to me-- Isabella because she is such an amazing and glorious badass while still being a relatable princess, and Galavant as both an embrace and subversion of the Knightly Hero trope. And, of course, unrepentant shipper that I am, I LOVED them together. I'm getting emotional just thinking about Galavant's face when he looks at Isabella!!! MY HEROIC HILARIOUS RIDICULOUS CHILDREN.

I love the last images of them we get-- both very determined to retire from heroics, excited to get married and have kids, and having settled in a beautiful seaside home. I love the idea of them getting some well-deserved peace and normalcy in their lives... but I can't help thinking that no way they could escape shenanigans THAT easily, after all they've been through. So I'd like to see some post-canon fic about their efforts in doing so. Maybe they keep attempting to dodge heroics and quests to no avail; maybe domestic errands like picking a house or decorating or negotiating their number of kids all end up slightly more quest-y than initially anticipated. Maybe they're as bad at sex at first as they were at kissing and it takes them a while to get it right! (Things I would welcome with any fic along these lines: kidfic; porn; Sid showing up and helping them out, either platonically or romantically; cameos from others in canon; ANACHRONISMS GALORE [is there a medieval equivalent of a wedding registry??]. Things I wouldn't want: breakups/serious marital troubles; poly relationships with anyone other than Sid; separating Galavant and Isabella for most of the fic [they've spent so much time apart! They deserve to be together as much as possible now!].) Pretty much just what "settling down" would realistically look like for these two heroic nerds in love, because I'm sure none of us believe it would actually be that easy, even though they're of course guaranteed their happy ending.

Now, I only requested Galavant and Isabella as characters because the above is what I'd most like to see-- however, just in case you totally blank on that prompt or are here via an "any" offer, there's something else I'd love, but since I didn't actually request it definitely feel free to ODAO on this and just do the above! I just wanted to offer an alternative if worse comes to worst. :3

The other thing I would really enjoy reading here is either missing scenes from S2 or a post-canon continuation, tonally similar to the show in all of its trope-subversion, anachronistic, ridiculous goodness. Some ideas for the former: Tad Cooper's POV as he searches for a friend who believes in him! Chef and Gwynne's sad foiled attempts to set up house (with their luck, surely the one in the middle of the battlefield won't be the first or last one to go wrong...)! Sid's attempts at collecting the secondary characters into an army! Pretty much ANYTHING about the Enchanted Forest, oh my goodness. For the latter, it'd be super fun if the DEL was a character we'd already met, but someone totally unexpected... the Queen of the Enchanted Forest? Princess Jubilee? The Jester? Galavant's dad? Prince Harry?? THE WEIRD POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. If you did go this route, I'd prefer no shipfic, though including canon relationships is fine; the exception is if you make the DEL a lady, in which case Madalena/DEL all the way. Again, no obligation whatsoever on this one-- it's just here as an alternate prompt should you need extra inspiration! (And if you'd like to combine these two in some way, of course feel free!!)

This is the one fandom for which I'd prefer no AU, unless the second set of prompts gives you some canon-divergent ideas. As I said, I'm completely fine with whatever rating (and would welcome the Galavant/Isabella sexytimes!), and honestly, as long as it's keeping with the tone of the show, I'd really be happy with most things here. \o/

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