blindmadness: (scene: jumping for joy)
i believe in you my soul ([personal profile] blindmadness) wrote 2013-10-19 03:50 am (UTC)

[runs outside to emit long high-pitched squeals] [ahem]

I didn't expect to be Serbpicking so soon! YAY! This is not exactly a skill I get to show off often, so this is a very exciting day.

Oh, Nole. I just have to laugh whenever I think about him in Madrid in general. Not that I blame him, because the crowd really is awful to him a lot of the time, but... oh, Nole.

Anyway, most of that is absolutely right! :D It sounds as if he's saying it both ways -- "Sad ćete da mi ližete kurac! Sad ćete kurac da mi ližete!" -- both of which are grammatically correct. I can also provide a clearer pronunciation guide if need be, if for some reason you don't want to be watching a ten-second loop of Nole cursing over and over again. Whatever.

Minor things: the second word is "ћете" rather than "цете" ("ц" is "c" and makes a "ts" sound, rather than the "ћ"/"ć", which is a sound that doesn't exist in English but is best described as halfway between the "ts" and the "ch" sounds), the last word is "ližete/лижете" ("zh" rather than "z" and the verb form for second-person plural), and it would translate more accurately to "now you're going to lick my dick" ("can" would be "možete/мoжете" instead of ćete/ћете). For the record, "lick" is a literal translation; I am sadly not informed enough about Serbian terms for sex acts to know if this would also translate to "suck" figuratively.

Also, you could translate "kurac" into whatever slang term for penis of your choosing, but I think our Novak would indeed say "dick." (Doesn't everyone spend far too much time contemplating people's hypothetical word choices for slang terms for penis?)

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my ramblings! \o/

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