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abluestocking ([personal profile] abluestocking) wrote in [personal profile] blindmadness 2013-10-18 05:13 am (UTC)

Oooh, I love all your tennis prompts! :)

Serbpicking question - you know when Novak told the crowd in Madrid to suck his you-know-what? xD What a) exactly did he say in Serbian, b) does it roughly translate to, and c) might it be transliterated to/pronounced as?

(ETA: Google seems to say it was "Sad ćete kurac da mi lizati", roughly translated as "now you can lick my dick" - does that look right? It sounds right to me except I'm not sure about 'lizati' because that bit's muffled on the clips I've seen. And would it be "Сад цете да ми курац лизати", or something else?)

I'm asking out of general interest but also because maybe one of my friends maybe told me that they maybe wanted to know. For reasons. *eyedart*

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