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So, in a fit of desperately not wanting to do my creative writing exercise, I have finally redone all of my tags! It was a little weird to me to have all of the little one-word tags of people's and place names mixed in with the longer ones of situations/emotions/etc., so now family, friends (as "people"), and places all have their own category of tags and I enjoy it greatly. I may do the same with professors at some point, but I think that's all I'll be putting into categories.

In honour of this, something else I've been meaning to do! Minor flistcut! I don't think I've cut anyone I was really close to; it was mostly people whose entries I just wasn't reading and I felt bad about that, so I felt like I might as well get my flist back to the people whose entries I really did read, since keeping someone on when I'm just skimming is unfair to both of us. No one who's been cut is ~BARRED FROM EVER TALKING TO ME AGAIN or anything -- y'all should have my contact information and I always encourage using it. :D

On that note, IF ANYONE EVER WANTS TO DEFRIEND ME, PLEASE GO AHEAD! I don't want anyone to feel obligated to read along with my ridiculousness, so if you're not enjoying having me on your flist, seriously, feel free to get rid of me. :D: ♥

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